There are no magic bullets here. The recommendations in this book are based on sound nutritional advice and tracking calories. Counting calories may not seem sexy and it may not have any bells and whistles but if you want to lose weight, you have to cut back on your calorie consumption (eat less) and increase your activity level (move more). Throughout this book you will be given the most amazing Food Intelligence Tools™ – FIT tips, charts, and activities that will help you successfully lose weight – and the most amazing FITDelicious™ recipes that taste great, save you time and are easy to prepare.


EliminateIT and BurnIT. To lose each pound, you need to eliminate 3500 calories a week (cutting back just 500 calories a day!). FITDelicious™ will show you how to cut calories safely and have fun doing it.

CustomizeIT and PersonalizeIT. Choose your plan based on your weight loss goals. Choose what works and fits your lifestyle day to day, year after year.

LimitIT. Decide which foods you want to eat while increasing your consumption of healthier foods and decreasing foods packed with calories, fat, sugar, and salt.

PortionIT. Decide your portion size based on your daily and weekly calorie plan. FitDelicious™ recipes are based on yields (how much it makes) not serving sizes!

TrackIT. There’s no way around it; you have to track your calories. But with FitDelicious™ and a little practice, tracking will become effortless.

TasteIT and EvaluateIT. Learn to evaluate the taste, nutritional and ingredient profile, food packaging, restaurant menus and much more so you can make the best decisions for your health.


MotionizeIT. Get tips to increase your physical activity and keep your body engine primed.

VisualizeIT and StrategizeIT. Get strategies, activities, and tools to achieve your weight loss goals and overcome obstacles.

PrepIT and ChefIT. Become your own personal chef with Marcia’s FITDelicious™ recipes and Par Stock Inventory. Be able to prepare foods that taste great, are healthier and convenient every time.

EnjoyIT! Losing weight can be fun. Whether you’re dining in or out, every meal can be enjoyable while still losing weight!

And Finally. . .

CommitIT. Make the commitment to lose those extra pounds and make YOU, your number one priority. Staying on track can be hard but with your commitment, along with Food Intelligence Tools™ – FIT, and FITDelicious™ recipes, you can do it!



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